Shark Fossil - Mako

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‘Shark Fossil Mako’ PDF


This is a PDF of the drawing that will be sent via email with the selected size and a tattoo permit of the drawing for the tattoo artist. 

Please let me know the size in width ie. 5cm of the tattoo in the notes at checkout, this will make it easier for the artist.


$10 of this sale goes towards Sustainable Ocean Society to help shark conservation.

A small drawing of the Mako shark tooth, in its fossil state.

The mako is the fastest shark in the ocean. But it's also fast running into trouble.

Known as the cheetahs of the sea, the mako is an agile, efficient hunter. It's feared, even criticised - but an animal critical to our oceans.

In 2019 more than 1200 mako were caught by commercial fishing vessels.

The mako is a pelagic shark (lives near the surface of the open ocean and in coastal waters). ... They are found all around the coast of New Zealand but are more common around the North Island. Makos are regularly caught off Kaikoura, Banks Peninsula, and Otago Peninsula.

They're the regulators of the entire system. If you remove sharks, you risk the collapse of the entire system beneath them.