'Pīwakawaka Resilience' Limited Edition Print

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‘Pīwakawaka’s Resilience’ 

Limited Edition Print of 50


Printed on 300gsm acid free watercolour paper.

This is a limited edition Fine Art Giclée Print and Archival Quality

Scanned, printed and packaged at ART OF POOTS


Available Sizes:

297x297mm $120 Limited edition - Framed $400



The fantail is one of the few native bird species in New Zealand that has been able to adapt to an environment greatly altered by humans. Originally a bird of open native forests and scrub, it is now also found in exotic plantation forests, in orchards and in gardens. At times, fantails may appear far from any large stands of shrubs or trees, and it has an altitudinal range that extends from sea level to the snow line.

However the Native bee’s haven’t being able to keep up with humans activity. New Zealand has 28 species of native bee, which are threatened by the honeybee explosion.

Unlike the communal honeybee, the largest native bee family, Leioproctus, is solitary. Females dig 20-30cm tunnels into the ground, into which they lay one egg, and feed the larvae with pollen and nectar foraged from surrounding flowers.

Native bees have evolved and adapted over millenniums to suit New Zealand's unique plants. But while native and introduced bees have very different characteristics, they compete for the same nectar and pollen.

In this Piece are the two Pīwakawaka’s thriving among Kōwhai and Pohutukawa, accompanied by the common Honey Bee, and one of our Native Bee’s. This piece compares a species that have adapted and thrived of human activity, ones that have being introduced for the labor of human activity and ones that have suffered because of the human activity.



All work is individually signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

These are all packaged in home compostable plastic free materials by R3pack and will be packaged in sturdy cardboard to protect you piece of art in transition. All packages are tracked, and information will be sent via email. 


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