'Kingdom Animalia' - Limited Edition Print

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“Kingdom Animalia“ Stag

Limited edition print - 50

Printed on 300gsm acid free watercolour paper.

This is a limited edition fine art Giclée Print and Archival Quality.

Scanned, printed and packaged at Art of Poots.


Available Sizes:

A4 - 210x297mm $85 Limited edition

A3 - 297x420mm $140 Limited edition

A2 - 420x594mm $220 Limited edition



The Common New Zealand Red Stag in its glory, no natural predators and plenty of luscious native flora and fauna to eat.

Deer cause damage to native forests by feeding on forest plants, trees and seedlings. By targeting these plants, deer can change the composition of the forest understorey.

When deer populations get too large, favourite plants like schefflera, broadleaf, three-finger, hen and chicken fern and lancewood are all but removed from the ground tier in forest understoreys. Plants like alpine buttercup, Spaniard grass and tall tussocks are damaged by deer in subalpine habitats.

In New Zealand, deer have no natural predators (apart from hunters) and apart from occasional instances of bovine Tb, are relatively healthy. Whilst red deer and sika compete where their ranges overlap, none of the other deer species in New Zealand are competing for food.



All work is individually signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

These are all packaged in home compostable plastic free materials by R3pack and will be packaged in sturdy cardboard to protect you piece of art in transition. All packages are tracked, and information will be sent via email. Shipping will be calculated by size.