'Kākāriki Crown' - Limited Edition Print

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“Kākāriki’s Crown” Limited Edition - 50


Printed on 300gsm acid free watercolour paper,

This is a limited edition fine art Giclée Print and Archival Quality.

Scanned, printed and packaged at Art of Poots.


Available Sizes:

A4 - 210x297mm $65 Limited edition 

A3 - 297x420mm $120 Limited edition 

A2 - 420x594mm $200 Limited edition 



In this piece are the 3 Kākāriki’s with their beautiful colored crowns, 5 varieties of beech and the commonly known Harakeke flower.

Orange-fronted Kākāriki occur almost exclusively in beech forests, although they are occasionally recorded in subalpine tussock and open, matagouri shrubland. They typically feed at the tops of tall trees, but can also be found amongst low vegetation, or on the ground. Dense, regenerating bush is also popular, especially with juveniles. All parts of the forest are used, including streams for drinking and bathing. If a beech mast has occurred, orange-fronted Kākāriki will usually be found consuming seeds high in the canopy. In a mast year, seeds become the dominant item in the diet, and appear to be the principal food for nestlings. This 2019 we have had a mega mast year.

A mast year is one in which trees produce high amounts of seed that drop to the ground and are gobbled by predators, like rats, stoats and possums - as well as native species, of course, including forest-dwelling insects. (In non-mast years, beech trees will often produce no seeds or very few.) A big mast conservationist devote most of their efforts to places that have mast-sensitive species – like the Orange-fronted Kākāriki, species that are particularly sensitive to rats and stoats. They can take a real pasting from rats and stoats - and not only kill their babies but they can kill the adults as well.

Pest control through these times it what is going to make or break the survival of these critters.



All work is individually signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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