SOLD 'Alterations' - Saddleback / Tīkeke - Original

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300gsm acid-free paper

Framed + Reflectionless glass



Native North Island Saddleback / Tīkeke on a human hair nest. This piece references human-made habitats for endangered species due to the risk caused by forest clearance and predators that humans introduced, now humans have had to alter their homes for their survival. (The human-made nest)

This series of works is a way to express the awakening between humans and nature that we could have. Letting Mother Nature and her creations teach us to how to embrace and breathe the wonders of this world, to get back into sync and stop destroying the treasures and protect them instead – ‘to reconnect with nature.' Letting the whispers of nature influence our actions. Reconsider the fundamental abilities to survive, to feel alive, and challenge our skills as an integration back to the wilder.


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