'Age of Extinction' Limited Edition Print

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“Age of Extinction” Limited Edition Print


Printed on 300gsm acid free watercolour paper.

This is a limited edition Fine Art Giclée Print and Archival Quality

Scanned, printed and packaged at ART OF POOTS


Available Sizes:

A5 - 148x210mm $45 Limited edition

A4 - 210x297mm $65 Limited edition



Māui dolphin is a subspecies of the Hector's dolphin —New Zealand's only endemic cetacean species. Māui dolphin are only found off the west coast of New Zealand's North Island, and are now one of the rarest dolphin subspecies globally with ruffly 50 remaining. The Hector dolphin is found in the south island with ruffly 15,000 remaining.

Māui dolphin are the smallest of the world’s 32 dolphin species. Māui and Hector's dolphins look different to other dolphins. They are the only New Zealand dolphins with a rounded black dorsal fin. Other dolphins usually have a sickle-shaped fin. Māui and Hector’s dolphins look identical, although they are physically and genetically different 

They only live up to 20 years. This is a short lifespan compared to other dolphins and whales. Females have their first calf (baby) between 7 – 9 years of age. They produce just one calf every 2 - 4 years, making population increase a very slow process. Māui dolphins may only be able to grow their population by 2% a year. That means that a population of approximately 55 can only increase by 1 individual per year.

Māui dolphin are thought to have been isolated from their more numerous relatives, South Island Hector’s dolphin, for 15-16,000 years. This was around the same time the North Island shoreline split from the South Island during the Pleistocene.


All work is individually signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

These are all packaged in home compostable plastic free materials by R3pack and will be packaged in sturdy cardboard to protect you piece of art in transition. All packages are tracked, and information will be sent via email. 


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