'Adaptations' - Original

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Ink on Paper

A2 Original - Framed

300gsm Bamboo mix, mixed media, acid free paper.

Framed with UV Protected Glass and quality cotton rag matting from Fox Glove Frames.

Sturdy D-ring hanging



My journey with this piece was an expression through what we have created as a species. Now trying to revitalise our native habitats nature has had to adapt to the environment we have created. “Adaptations” expresses the connection between human and nature and a new evolution for survival. .
This piece features two of our native Tomtits, the male and female Miromiro the north Island species.

The New Zealand tomtit looks similar to a robin. They are a small bird with a large head, a short bill and tail, and live in forest and scrub. There are five subspecies of tomtit (Petroica macrocephala), each restricted to their own specific island or island group: North Island, South Island, the Snares Islands, the Chatham Islands and the Auckland Islands. The Māori name of the North Island tomtit is miromiro, while the South Island tomtit is known as ngirungiru.