Sam's passion for the environment out of her studio is something she sees as a huge part of her art journey, from land based trapping, pest control, animal management, and understanding the human impacts of the ocean like shark fining, fishing quotas, plastic pollution, marine management, and sustainable harvesting to support our ecosystem are areas of continuous learning and focus.


Each artwork can represent a certain part of the environment that has being impacted, and where appropriate donates part of her art sales to trusts or organisations helping these certain species need to have better conservation, media coverage and attention for a chance to sustain life in a hostile environment we have created.


Sustainability, conservation, consumerism, and connection to what we use on a daily bases and its impacts on the environment, the products we use, what we put in and on our body, the clothes we wear, Sam is conscious about trying to make the best decision for our environment. Finding ways we can influence a society of unnecessary consumerism, to a regenerative and sustainably minded products.


Her art is only printed in small batches and only limited runs of maximum 50 to ensures there is no waste of resources. From her choice of sustainable acid free papers, recirculation of cardboard boxes for packaging, paper tapes and sustainable r3pack home compostable courier bags.


Trust and Organisations ART OF POOTS currently supports:


- Yellow-eye Penguin Trust


- Sustainable Ocean Society


A Collaboration with Found At Sea Jewellery 

- Thresher Shark Project Indo