'To Reconnect' Limited Edition Print

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‘To Reconnect’ - Blue and Hammer Head Shark 


Limited Edition Print of 20

+ Gold Leaf

Printed on 300gsm acid free watercolour paper.

This is a limited edition Fine Art Giclée Print and Archival Quality

Scanned, printed and packaged at ART OF POOTS


Available Sizes:

297x 297mm $180 Limited edition

420x420mm $275 Limited edition



$15 of this print goes towards the Sustainable Ocean Society in conservation for sharks.


Something more superior one might say, a feeling so vulnerable? We see the ocean as vast and abundant, but how can one measure the importance of our oceans until it has been destroyed. We know it’s importance but do we turn a blind eye?

100 million sharks are killed world wide each year, for consumption or for precaution, however they have such slow growth and low numbers of offspring soon they will be gone. The blue shark is a threatened species, critically endangered. Scalloped hammerheads again are red-listed as endangered.

Sharks have a huge role in the ecosystem, maintaining the species below them as an indicator for ocean health. Removing the weak and sick as well as keeping the balance with competitors helping to ensure species diversity.

This series of works is a way to express the awakening between humans and nature that we could have. Letting Mother Nature and her creations teach us to how embrace and breathe the wonders of this world, to get back into sync and stop destroying the treasures and protect them instead – ‘to reconnect with nature’. Letting the whispers of nature influence our actions. Reconsider the fundamental abilities to survive, to feel alive, and challenge our skills as an integration back to the wilder.



All work is individually signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

These are all packaged in home compostable plastic free materials by R3pack and will be packaged in sturdy cardboard to protect you piece of art in transition. All packages are tracked, and information will be sent via email.


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