'To Reconnect' Original

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‘To Reconnect’ Blue + Hammerhead Shark.


500x500mm + Framing

Ink + 21 Carat Gold leaf

Float Frame, white cotton rag, white frame.

300gsm Bamboo mix, mixed media, acid free paper.

Framed with UV Protected Glass and quality cotton rag matting from Fox Glove Frames.

Sturdy D-ring hanging




$150 of this Original Sale and $15 of print sales will be donated to Sustainable Ocean Society to help the conservation of Sharks.


Something more superior one might say, a feeling so vulnerable? We see the ocean as vast and abundant, but how can one measure the importance of our oceans until it has been destroyed. We know it’s importance but do we turn a blind eye?

100 million sharks are killed world wide each year, for consumption or for precaution, however they have such slow growth and low numbers of offspring soon they will be gone. The blue shark is a threatened species, critically endangered. Scalloped hammerheads again are red-listed as endangered.

Sharks have a huge role in the ecosystem, maintaining the species below them as an indicator for ocean health. Removing the weak and sick as well as keeping the balance with competitors helping to ensure species diversity