'Cease to Exist' - Original

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‘Cease to Exist’ - Hoiho/Yellow-eyed Penguin 

+ 21 Carat Gold Leaf




In this piece are the two Hoiho/Yellow-eyed Penguin, sprat fish and arrow-head squid circling gold leaf.

This piece was created in the highlight of the hoiho being the first seabird to win bird of the year. A bird also threatened by the disruption of human activity/tourism, overfishing, pest/habitat and climate change. All so closely related to human interference. In 2019 there was an estimate of 265 breeding pairs, a 65% decline in 20 years.The decline was due to a series of poor breeding seasons caused by lack of food, disease and predators.


The Yellow-eye penguin Trust has been a huge part of the hoiho survival as well as DOC. $15 of every print sale and $150 of the original drawing sale will be donated to the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust to help restore numbers of this delicate bird.


There are two populations of Hoiho in New Zealand. Movement of hoiho between the two is rare.

Over the past 20 years, the northern population has declined by 65%, while the southern population seems stable. 

The Māori name Hoiho means 'noise shouter’, referring to their shrill call made at breeding sites.

National status : Endemic. Population 4,000-5,000


Information sourced form Department of Conservation, 

Full source of information head to:





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