Found at Sea X ART OF POOTS - Collab

A Collaboration with Found At Sea, as an ongoing reminder of our connections with the ocean, raising awareness around sharks and the need for conservation of all species for the health of our oceans.


About Found at Sea

Created in 2016 by owner, freediver and marine conservationist, Etoile Smulders, Found At Sea is an independent jewelry label based in Bali, Indonesia. Aimed at raising awareness about the plight of sharks worldwide whilst empowering fellow women of the sea, the theme of coexistence lies at the heart of the brand. “My life revolves around the ocean, everything I do ultimately bring me back to the sea.”

About Art of Poots

Growing up in the Central North Island and based beneath the mountains in her earlier years is where Poots discovered her love for the outdoors, her adventures spread from the magnificent peaks to the depth of the sea in search for integrity and inspiration. She now resides close to the ocean in Ōhope.  These natural environments are a major influence in her works.  Her creations tell the story how human and nature can co-exist, however they also highlight the challenges that these two have had in the past and the challenges ahead.  The need for solidarity to protect our unique landscape, wildlife, and surrounding oceans is the driving force behind her work.


You can find these beautiful pieces of jewels here on Found at Seas website

And a few remaining fossil prints and originals in my shopShark Fossil Ring and Print